5 Best shampoo for fast hair growth Philippines

Do you want to try a Philippines fast hair growth shampoo? South Asian countries have their own herbal-based medical system. They are old. Being continuing from several generations. Here we will be giving you 5 best shampoo for fast hair growth(Philippines products). If you want to try some more click here

Matcha + Apple Replenishing Superfood Shampoo from Briogeo

Briogeo is a company that makes beauty products with natural ingredients.

Apple Replenishing Superfood shampoo is inspired by aloe, spinach, apple, cucumber, and lemon. This can give your hair and your scalp a better treatment. It is also a vegan-friendly product. That means it is free from gluten, silicones, sulfates, parabens, and synthetic dyes.

But how this can help you to grow your hair faster?

lemon is rich with VItamin c. Which means that it can boost your hair growth by boosting the collagen production.Lemon has anti-fungal properties that help maintain scalp health. helps maintain the production of oil in scalp. The acidic nature can help prevent from hair fall.

Apple also rich with Vitamin C, A, B2, Fiber, Flavonoids. Apples are also known to stimulate hair growth, reduce dandruff.

Cucumber also contains lot of Vitamin A and C, Silica, Wich can boost your hair growth. Cucumber is soothing because of its alkaline minerals, such as sodium, potassium and magnesium

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2. Superfoods Banana & Coconut Hair Pack

This product also from Briogeo. this fits Those with dull, lifeless, and dry strands, looking for an everyday solution to nourish hair.

But how this can help you to grow your hair faster?

Banana are great for your hair and scalp.They also can prevent from dandruff, and moisturise our scalp. Bananas are rich with potasium, natural oils, Carbohydrates and Vitamins

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3. Tea tree therapy shampoo

It contains tea tree extracted oil as the main ingredient. Also arnica, rosemary, sage are key ingredients. Tea tree extractions are good for your scalp and hair. Adds moisture to a dry, flaky scalp.

But how this can help you to grow your hair faster?

Tea tree oil can clean the follicles. So your hair can breath easily. So your hair can grow much faster. Also tea tree oil has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties

4. Lichen & Coffee Sulfate-free Foaming Shampoo

V & m NATURALS. you can imagine the story of this brand from its own name. Give it your hair some much-needed TLC with Lichen & Coffee Sulfate-free Foaming Shampoo!

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5. MANGGANG HILAW from Lakan Lubi

They have 3 different shampoo products and they are sulfate-free.

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So these are the 5 Best shampoo for fast hair growth Philippines. I hove you could find a better solution for your manner. If you want to know the reason for hair loss go to this link.

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